How to Build a Bird Box with Camera – A DIY Tutorial

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We all need a hobby. After all, hobbies can be both fun and beneficial for your mental health. Bird watching is a wonderful hobby that helps to take your mind off of the world around you and gives you something to look forward to on those dreary winter days. It’s also a lot of fun!

For those interested in bird watching but don’t know where to begin, we have the perfect solution: build your own bird box with camera! This tutorial will teach you how to build a DIY bird box with camera so you can watch live footage of birds from inside your home or office any time of day — or nights — without ever needing to leave the comfort of your couch.

Why Build a Bird Box with Camera?

Bird watchers have long been able to enjoy the outdoors and learn about birds through watching them outside of their home. There is nothing quite like sitting on your deck, porch, or even in your garden to watch and listen to all of the birds that live around you.

However, if you’re looking for a fun new hobby but don’t want to leave the comfort of your couch, building a DIY bird box with camera is perfect for you!

Watching the footage from inside your home or office is unbelievably relaxing and it can be so much fun. You never know what interesting things might happen next!

A DIY bird box with camera will allow you to see life from a whole new perspective — through the eyes of a bird. It’s an amazing way to learn more about these animals and help us understand why they’re such an important part of our ecosystem.

What You Need to Build a Bird Box with Camera

This project is simple enough for anyone to do, and the materials needed won’t cost you more than $30. But if you want a finished bird box with camera, you’ll need:

-A wooden box (make sure it has a lid)

-4 hinges

-4 latches or hooks

-A drill with the appropriate bits

-Flat head screwdriver

-2 screws each in 1 inch and 2 inch lengths

How to Assemble Your DIY Bird Box

This DIY bird box is made from a camera and a box.

Build your own bird box with camera! This tutorial will teach you how to assemble one so you can watch live footage of birds from inside your home or office.

Installing the Camera

The first step to building your DIY bird box with camera is to install the camera.

The most popular type of camera for bird watching is a webcam. You can easily purchase one on Amazon or at Walmart for around $30. However, if you want to save some money, you can also use your smartphone as a webcam!

Once you have your camera, it’s time to start installing it in the box. All you need is an empty plastic container or food storage container that will house the camera. Then you just need to drill three small holes in the lid of the container to allow space for cords and positioning. One hole should be placed directly in the middle of the top of the lid so that it looks centrally positioned from inside the box, while the other two should be positioned at either side of this hole so that they are aligned with the sides of the container and allow cords to run through them without being obstructed.

Then insert a screw into each hole and tighten them down by hand before going back over them with a power drill set on low speed so that there are no jagged edges left on any screws or pieces of plastic hardware that could cause injury. Make sure not to put too much pressure on these screws though because

Setting Up Your Feed

The process is fairly easy, but there are a few steps you need to take before you can enjoy the show.

The first thing to do is set up your feed. This means you will need to mount your bird box with camera on a window sill or an area where you can see birds without disturbing them. Find a spot where the light is good and the area is safe for birds (this might be tricky if you live in an urban environment). The next step? Setting up your app!

If you want to watch live footage of birds, buy this DIY bird box kit for $27.95! The kit includes everything you need to start watching birds this summer, including the bird box with camera, two suction cups, and installation hardware. You can purchase it here:


A bird box is a great way to connect people to the natural world. You can build your own and even add a camera so that people can watch the birds as they go about their day. This is a great way to learn about and appreciate these beautiful creatures and it’s a fun and easy project that you can do with your kids.